our story

Our mission is to improve performance. We want to make this possible by producing effective, tasty, refreshing and sugar free protein products: ELX Pro. We believe that you can perform better when using ELX Pro.

ELX Drinks is founded by Esther, Matty and Tjerk. Esther has more than 10 years experience and knowledge of making the best tasting drinks. Matt and Tjerk both love sports. As active sports men they find it important to recover fast in order to feel and perform better. Besides shakes and high-energy drinks, their isn’t a readily and tasty recovery drink on the market. They decided to approach Esther to start ELX Drinks. For the love of sports and food development they founded ELX Drinks. It took them over a year of R&D to develop a formula for a clear, thirst quenching and tasty protein drink: ELX Pro.

With ELX Pro Esther, Matty and Tjerk created one of the most innovative and effective recovery drinks on the market.

ELX Pro as innovative drink

ELX Pro is the first really clear protein water in the market with 100% whey protein hydrolysates. It is a non-carbonated, isotonic drink based on water and protein. The specially processed whey protein hydrolysates (WPH) help you recover your muscles the fastest way possible. It quenches your thirst and has an awesome taste. ELX Pro has the power of a shake, but drinks like a water; refreshing and light.

Latest Protein Standards

With Hydro.365, ELX Drinks uses the highest quality of protein hydrolysate produced in the market. Hydro.365 is being developed in one of the best innovation labs in the world regarding protein ingredients. This provides us with the best and most up to date protein quality and makes ELX Pro probably the most innovative supplementary sports drink on the market.


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