ELX Pro Citrus Crush

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A Dutch natural water enriched with Japanese Yuzu and Orange, powered with 100% pure Protein Hydrolysate (WPH). Its refreshing, tasty and designed for your post-workout recovery. Citrus Crush offers you hydration with total body-boosting benefits. Because of the special processed WPH proteins, ELX Pro® is the only really clear protein drink on the market. This makes it easy to drink providing a refreshing taste! This is why we call it Protein Water.

Each serving of Citrus Crush contains 15 grams of WPH and 3.1 grams of BCAA’s. Citrus Crush is gluten-free, zero fat and is almost lactose-free. With no added sugar it has only 75 calories per 0.5L serving. ELX Pro Protein Water helps you recover, quenches your thirst and has a great taste. Ready to go, ready for increasing your performance.

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Product Description

ELX Pro Citrus Crush

Nutritional Information

Bottle 500 ml:
Energetic value 75,6 kcal

Per 100 ml:
Fat: < 0,1 gram
Saturated fat acids: < 0,1 gram
Carbohydrates: 1,75 gram
Sugars: 0,14 gram
Protein: 3,0 gram
Salt: < 0,1 gram

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