ELX Protein Water

ELX Pro® is an unique combination of whey protein hydrolysate (WPH), branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and erythritol.  ELX Pro is designed to regenerate and hydrate your body. Each serving gives your body 15 grams of 100% WPH and 3.3 grams BCAA’s! With just 76 kcal and no added sugar per 0.5l serving it is a low energy drink.

Ready to Drink!

ELX Protein Water is the first thirst quenching and ready to use protein drink with the power to restore your body! Just take it along in your sports bag or you can drink it on the way. It’s fast, easy and effective.



ELX Protein Shake

New! ELX – Protein Water is the 1st recovery and thirst quenching protein drink on the market. And with at least 25 grams of protein per serving, of which 5,5 grams of BCAA’s, ELX gives you the recovery strength you need. A powerful functionality with a refreshing drinkability. ELX – Protein Shake is sugar free and gluten free. It has 0% fat and just 0,7 g lactose. It contains no artificial colours and only 122 Kcal per serving.

First Clear Shake; Easy to Drink and Tasty!

It contains only the fastest whey protein hydrolysate that ensures you of a fast muscle recovery. It has the good drinkability of an isotonic sports drink and is easily digestible. So no heavy and thick drinks needed anymore. Our protein dissolves 100% and stays stable also after shaking. You can make your ELX Protein Shake in advance and store it away. And off course the sachets are handy to take along in case of traveling. ELX gives you a new experience in consuming shakes; thirst quenching and tasty.

NZVT_logoNZVT Reliable

Our ELX Protein Shake has been certified by the anti-doping authority of The Netherlands and is registered in the NZVT list. This means that our product has been proven clean and trustworthy and can be used by all top athletes in or outside competition.

100% Whey Protein Hydrolysate

ELX Protein Water and Shake are the first protein products that only contain whey hydrolysate (WPH). WPHs are extra short protein partials and therefor can be absorbed by your body in the fastest possible way. Recovery starts at once and helps you to feel fit and strong for the next exercise. This exclusive quality makes ELX Pro clear and gives it the best drinkability and taste in the area of protein products. 100% WPH for your fastest recovery.


hydro365_200We use the best WPH available on the market: Hydro.365. Hydro.365 is scientifically considered as the best possible WPH available on the market with proven effects on recovery speed and performance. Link to Danish University of Aarhus.

Easy to Consume

Sports nutrition can be very functional, but when it’s not tasty and gives a heavy stomach feeling people will not consume it as much as is advised to do. Our ELX Pro products are lightly digestible, tasty and easy to consume. It doesn’t give you a heavy stomach feeling – just how you would want it after intense activity.

Faster Recovery, Better Performance

For an athlete, recovery after exercise is important. Well recovery is a condition for the next good performance. ELX Pro gives your body the fastest possible recovery in combination with replenishing the loss of body fluids.


Who is it for?

ELX Pro is available for anyone who wants to replenish the body’s fluids and have a faster recovery after body activity. It gives you superb recovery benefits and helps you to get ready for the next physical performance. Your premium and convenient recovery product with great taste.

When to Use

ELX Pro helps your body with muscle recovery and muscle strength. For the most effective function of protein it is important to consume it just after your exercise. By doing this, the recovery of your muscles starts immediately.

To help replenish and regenerate your body ELX Pro is best used at the end and just after your physical activity.

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Help your body. Your muscles ask for it.

Our protein waters are refreshing and tasty. With over 10 years of experience in making flavours we develop all the drinks ourselves. With passion and enthusiasm we work daily to create the best possible taste, highest quality and most effective recovery drink for sportsmen.


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